Summer Snippets

After a much needed hiatus from creating and overcommitment, I find myself deep in preparation for another show opening in three weeks. When scheduling this show several months ago, I didn’t have any specific ideas in mind, but was confident that something would come along to inspire me in the meantime. I thought it would be my trip to India (more on that later), which may yet inspire something at a later time; instead I found inspiration where I least expected it, at a work conference in Charleston, West Virginia of all places. I had the pleasure of hearing Chris Anderson, the executive director of Male Survivor speak and he ended his presentation with a slide depicting a kintsukuroi bowl. Kintsukuroi translates to golden repair and is the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery with lacquer dusted with powdered gold, silver, or platinum. I have long believed growth and beauty come along with brokenness or it would otherwise be unbearable. The most interesting and genuine people I’ve ever met have walked through a lot of darkness and managed to find hope amidst it all.

This show is inspired by kintsukuroi, as well as my love of giving old, discarded things new life. Join me at the opening at Ice House Studios on Friday, August 7th from 5-8pm, or stop by and take a peek during the rest of the month.

Other art tidbits over the last few months included a piece in the Art on the Square show back in April.

Also, a mural painted at my office in our Child Advocacy Center, that I recruited my coworkers to help with in June.

And finally, an amazing trip to India in May; a few of my favorite shots below.