Fall is Here!

Autumn is officially my favorite time of year and I can’t quite understand anyone who thinks differently. I love everything about it…the crisp air, the colors of the leaves, pumpkin flavored everything, and the fact that I can finally stop mowing my lawn. It’s also prime time to cozy up to the one you love, or have photos taken together. A few weeks back, I agreed to take my cousin Michaela’s engagement photos at CrossKeys Vineyards, almost a year to the date of when she will get married there. It was a lovely afternoon indeed…


In other entirely unrelated news, my friend Elissa Cirignotta, one of the founders of Happy Mindful People, saw my last post here and asked if I would share it or something similar on their blog. I was honored to be asked, happy to share, and excited about the challenge of incorporating a few more sentiments into what I had already written. You can find the full piece on their blog.

Happy Fall!