Wrapping up 2013

2013 has been a full year and it’s hard to believe January of 2014 is already over halfway over.  I doubt that I am alone in my musings on the turning of another year.  As a young child, I remember hearing adults talk about how time just goes faster and faster the older you get, and there I was just wishing my birthday would come around again.  How right they were…does this make me an adult?

The rest of my fall and early winter was filled with a couple of photo shoots of my coworkers’ kids, a few Christmas presents, and lots of design work for Breathe.

A few favorites from the photo shoots below.

And the Christmas presents.  First up, a coloring book for my nephews of their family members.

Next, a pair of earrings for my Secret Santa at work.

I spent a good part of my December scanning slides from my parent’s trip to Europe in 1971, and then compiled them into a photo book for their anniversary.  I guess there wasn’t too much creativity involved with this project, but I came across a few gems that were too good not to share.  They purchased a VW bug directly from the factory in Germany, drove it around Europe for 6 weeks and then shipped it back to the US (for only $200!).

And a few promos designed for Breathe.  Go give them a try!

Finally, some news about the collaborative show I am doing with David Brennan and Matt Carlson.  We have secured Spitzer Art Center for April, so come on out to our opening on Friday, April 4th.  More details coming soon!