Art Lotto & Other Goodies

Well folks, they did it again – another successful Art Lotto show pulled off by Brandy Somers and Denise Kanter Allen.  For those who aren’t familiar with this show, it is a collaborative show where artists come together, exchange names, and create portraits of each other.  This is the second year the show has taken place and I was eager to participate again after last year's experience. This year, my name was drawn by Lynn Lough, and I drew my friend Rachel Herr’s name.

As someone who uses her hands as much as Rachel does, as a mother, a pastry chef and an artist (among other things!), I wanted to incorporate her hands into her portrait.  I first photographed Rachel and then recreated the images in a posterized style by using acrylic paint on glass.  The glass was displayed in steel frames (made by Excel Steel) and attached to each other with chain.

Here she is:

It was fun meeting and talking with Lynn at the Luck of the Draw night.  She was also able to attend my art opening at the Joshua Wilton House, where she photographed me.  She used these photographs in her portrait of me here:

Photo & artwork by Lynn Lough

In other news, I have been doing more design projects on the side and will be updating my site soon to focus more on that aspect of my work.  Here is a wedding invitation (front & back) I designed for my friends who are getting married this weekend in North Carolina.  Congrats friends!

And last but not least, I made these awhile back for my friends’ baby and completely forgot to post them.  I think I’m sensing some rivalry here…