Solo Show

One of my goals for 2013 was to create a new body of work and have a solo art show somewhere in Harrisonburg.  At the end of February, I was asked to do a show at the Joshua Wilton House in three of their dining rooms for three months.  For those of you not from Harrisonburg, JWH is the nicest restaurant here – as in people such as myself can generally only afford to go there for a meal about once a year at best.  This was a huge honor and while exciting, equally terrifying.  Most terrifying was the fact that when asked to do the show a month out, I only had three pieces completed.  After looking at the space, I set another goal – to have 15 pieces for the show.  Needless to say, the month of March flew by in a blur of paint, plaster, 5 hours of sleep a night, still working full time, and averaging 3 paintings a week.  Not to mention the fact that I went out of town for one weekend and had earlier agreed to fill in at my old job for two days the following weekend.  I’m not entirely sure how I managed to pull this off, but with the help of a few friends, an obscene amount of coffee, and a ton of inspiration/insanity, I hung the show last Saturday.

The official opening reception is on Saturday, April 27th from 1-3pm.  If you’re in Harrisonburg, please stop by!

I’ll be posting photos of the paintings after the opening, so stay tuned!  Also, all pieces are for sale, so buy them up!

In other news, I have a very tiny piece (6″x6″) in the 6×6 Juried Art Show at Larkin Arts.  The opening for this show is Friday, April 5th from 5-8.  It’ll be an interesting show, as all pieces had to be within 6″ in any direction.  Here’s mine: