Restore Love

So I’m running on a huge lack of sleep right now, thanks to a big event this past Friday, the Restore Love Rock & Runway.  My agency, the Collins Center, partnered with RISE to do this event as part of their Restore Love Month for February.  The event consisted of three bands and three fashion lines, one of which was a jewelry line that I created.  As with everything else I do, I got a fantastic start on it several months ago and then put the rest of it off until the last week.  One of these days, I’ll actually run out of time completely and finally learn my lesson.

Here are some of the pieces I created for the show, in the order they came down the runway.

A photo of everything for sale below...

And last but not least, my lovely models, Rachel Jenner, Anna Weaver and Jackie Hieber!  A big thanks also to Brandy Somers, who donated her time to take photos at the event.  Photo credit to her for the last photo of the models below.