Donations, etc.

It has been awhile since my last post but I haven’t been completely idle.  Creating art is something that keeps me sane, but is often the first thing to go when I probably need it the most.

I often get asked to donate artwork to different causes, which is something I’m generally happy to do.  I’m not someone who is swimming in money, so donating artwork is something I can give more easily to support organizations I care about.  One event I donate to regularly is the Collins Center’s Annual Disco Gala – it’s hard to get out of that one when I work there…  This year, I decided to donate a mosaic, 2’x4′, created from mirror, stained glass, glass marbles, and stones on a wooden base.

I’ve also been doing more graphic design on the side over the past few months.  My friend Rebekah just opened Breathe, a new Pilates studio in downtown Harrisonburg and she asked for some help with her logo.  Here’s what we came up with.

breathe final.jpg