Thoughts on Home

Home has been on my mind a lot these days with the juxtaposition of my parents leaving my childhood home in Ohio and being in the midst of planning to build my own home with Jon. The slow transition I have seen in my parents' lives over the last few years has been an interesting process to observe as they navigate saying goodbye to their home of over 40 years. I'd be lying if I said I haven't been in a bit of denial about the inevitable loss of this place; I always believed I would have the opportunity to share this magical place with my hypothetical children, yet here I am working up to my own process of letting go and saying goodbye and not wanting to put my own attachments onto my parents, when they fully reserve the right to move wherever and whenever they please. 

My upcoming show in November, Thoughts on Home, created almost entirely with sample materials donated by Blue Ridge Architects, represents the convergence of my past and future as I remember and imagine home. Memories of my childhood meet the overwhelming possibilities available when building - the countless possibilities crippling and at war with my desire to mindfully create a sustainable home that is in line with my values for this earth. 


Also coming up during First Fridays on November 4th (5-8pm) is the Dia de los Muertos show at Pale Fire Brewing organized by Spitzer Art Center. This is a collaborative show where artists were asked to create an 8"x8" artwork in memory of a loved one. The piece below is in memory of my sister SaraLisa, who left our world nearly 16 years ago on November 17, 2000. My husband Jon is also sharing a piece in this show in memory of his brother Matt and we look forward to sharing this space with others in our community.

And speaking of Pale Fire Brewing, I will be holding a solo show there in December. Stay tuned!